« Nature takes careof your well-being every moment. It is its only purpose. Don’t resist. » Cicéron

Nature at work

At Le Domaine de Fresnoy, you get to the harmonic pace of nature. As a masterpiece inviting to contemplation, it is also the conductor that sets the pace to self-reconnection.


Here, far from the world noises, you will plug into the soundtrack of nature, for your better benefit. It is the ideal place to take care of yourself.


Surrounded by trees and rooted into History, the domain is an inspiring support to accompany the anchoring effort that is so essential in this world of uncertainty.


In a period when each of us is in search of meaning, taking a #steptotheside from within life, facilitates the advent of new possibilities.

revelations for the inner journey

Trainings & Workshops

To accompany your search of meaning or life moments, to help you take a decision, or simply to live a better life, we will soon offer trainings and workshops.

Agenda & Bookings

The program of trainings and workshops is only in French. 

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